Hi everybody! This month's image is a small slice of my desk, but even a scant 1000 X 300 jpeg shows how busy I am!

On my Cintiq is a sketch for my new website. It's going to be all parallax-y, like this. On the main monitor I have about a million windows open - Harvard stuff, Climate change research for an upcoming project, gmail, and Pandora, of course! Quincy my squid buddy watches me work and occasionally asks "When the hell are you going to get to my animation, buddy???" To which I respond, "As soon as I can! Hold your horsefish, dude!" (Let's not even talk about Neverest, my novel, in those binders all the way to the right. Seriously, let's not talk about it...)

Even with all this stuff going on, I'm always ready for more work. Got an illustration that needs drawing? A video that needs animating? A cat that needs petting? Just drop me an email or a tweet and let's talk!